What are the Centers for Excellence and Expertise?

CBP envisions an end to port shopping and uniform decision making throughout all ports of entry via use of the Centers of Excellence and Expertise.

What are the benefits of the CEEs?

The most crucial benefit is that these Centers are considered experts in their field. Each center collaborates with key industry sectors which helps importers in a specific area to get better information on business processes and products. By being an expert, there is a “greater understanding of the industry issues” and allows for “an industry-focused resource for both the trade and CBP”. CEEs also exist to help get rid of duplicative work for importers (think less CBP 28s), which helps importers in having greater predictability, less cargo delays, and reduces costs for importers. CEEs also “serve as a centralized source for trade inquiries.” This helps in establishing better transparency and uniformity for trade; and streamlines the “inquiry process for resolving issues.”

Will the Process of Importing be Different?

An importer will not need to change where they import into nor will the entry process change. The CEEs are a virtual environment. However, “CBP processing for post-release aspects of shipments will simply be redirected from the Ports of Entry to the appropriate industry Center.” Since the CEEs operate virtually, imports will be placed into a Center based on whichever business practice the importer is associated with and the harmonized tariff schedule [HTSUS] “tariff classification of the predominant number of goods imported.” Also, once an importer has been placed in a Center, that Center will process the post-release no matter what the tariff classification of the imported merchandise.

Pharmaceuticals, Health & Chemicals Center Directory
(866) 295-7624 code 01
Center Director
JoAnne Colonnello
(973) 368‐6003 Eastern Time
Petroleum, Natural Gas & Minerals Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 06
Center Director
David McGurk
(281) 985‐6767 Central Time
Machinery Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 10
Center Director
Armando Taboada
(956) 753‐1773 Central Time
Industrial & Manufacturing Materials Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 09
Center Director
Ann Marie Paul
(716) 843-8351 Eastern Time
Electronics Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 07
Center Director
Elva Muneton
(562) 256-8885 Pacific Time
Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 08
Center Director (Acting)
Petrina Evans
(678) 284-5902 Eastern Time
Base Metals Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 05
Center Director
Africa Bell
(312) 542‐5709 Central Time
Automotive & Aerospace Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 03
Center Director
Lisa Wallace
(313) 442‐0302 Eastern Time
Apparel, Footwear & Textiles Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 04
Center Director
Eric Batt
(415) 744‐1530 x 258 Pacific Time
Agriculture & Prepared Products Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 02
Center Director
Dina M. Amato
(305) 869‐2607 Eastern Time