Many companies that import and export a wide variety of products are not aware of the advantages of the refund of customs duties paid on imported material upon its exportation.

Most companies that try it themselves wind up frustrated by the amount of paper work, statutory laws, Customs regulations, and procedures involved. Furthermore, drawback is becoming even more confusing as a result of the effects of the various Free Trade Agreements and the constantly changing drawback laws and regulations.

ALN CHB is serious about providing our clients with the best and most personalized service in the industry.

Our clients have our “risk free” guarantee:

  • Our clients pay no up front fee.
  • Our clients pay nothing until they receive their U.S. Treasury Department refund check.
  • Our clients pay us a modest percentage of the money that we recover for them.
  • Without any additional charges, this percentage covers:
    • Software or hardware required to handle their account.
    • Preparing and filing with customs all necessary drawback applications and rulings as well as drawback claims for import refunds.

We work towards recovering all the drawback refunds that our clients are eligible to claim.

​We will review your case to determine eligibility and help you identify additional opportunities for drawback recover at no charge. We can:

  • Help you identify drawback opportunities.
  • Collect, review, and prepare documents from your forwarding partners.
  • Track drawback claims, recovered money, and liquidations.
  • Accelerate the processing of your refundsReceive your refund within 4-8 weeks of claim submission, instead of the typical wait time of 1-3 years.
  • Provide ongoing training and educational programs for duty drawback.
  • Perform an annual drawback audit.

Duty Drawback Process

You have the right to claim Duty Drawback on your exports, even if you didn’t import or manufacture the goods.

  • Duty Drawback Eligibility Assessment (Free). Find out if your company can take advantage of duty drawback and get an estimate of the refund you may be eligible to receive.
  • Duty Drawback Application Setup and Submission. Our experts will collect all of the documentation needed to apply for the duty drawback program and train your staff on U.S. Customs record keeping requirements.
  • Drawback Filing and Claims Management. Save your precious internal resources and let us do the time consuming chore of filing duty drawback on your behalf.
  • Expedited Drawback Refunds. Accelerate the processing of your refunds from duty drawback. You could receive your refund within 4-8 weeks of claim submission, instead of the typical wait time of 1-3 years (yup, you read right—YEARS!).